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tubemate 3 pro iconBest YouTube Downloader for Android. Get free version of the TubeMate Pro. One click download online videos for free. Not only YouTube you can download videos from other services.

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Name: TubeMate Pro
Size: 6.4MB
Version: v3.0.3
Last updated: 10 Tuesday, Otomber 2017
Category: Online Video downloader


Tubemate 3 was released. Still beta version.

tubemate 3 beta

Install TubeMate Pro

You can't find TubeMate Pro app from Google Play store. You have to download it from us. Once you downloaded the application you have to enable "Unknown sources". Because by default android doesn't allow to install apps outside the Google Play store. Don't worry TubeMate is completely safe and trusted by millions of android users around the world.


TubeMate is developed by Devian Studio for downloading videos from YouTube. Now not only YouTube, you can download videos from other services like DailyMotion, Youku, Vimeo, facebook and etc. It allows you to download videos directly to your android phone or tablet. TubeMate Pro is completely free software. You can download TubeMate Pro official version from here.

You can download YouTube videos when you have free WiFi and you can watch them later without internet connection. You can download films, songs, tutorials directly to your android phone.

According to YouTube policies, YouTube doesn't allow to download videos. But TubeMate does. So due to the policy violation Google Play store doesn't allows. So you have to download TubeMate from Us.

TubeMate Vs YouTube

tubemate vs youtube

All you may have heard about YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video uploading and video playing website which is next only to the Google and Facebook in popularity. YouTube app on Google Play store is awesome but there are limitations with YouTube app. That's why TubeMate is much more popular than YouTube android app. It is also known as android YouTube Downloader. You will have all the features of YouTube app with many more awesome features in TubeMate. You can download YouTube videos, share videos with friends. See TubeMate Pro features for all the features.

TubeMate Features

TubeMate pro and TubeMate both carries same features. TubeMate is much more popular because it is the first android app that allows android users to download YouTube videos for free. Now it carries lots of extra awesome features.

Support video download from many online services:

As you all know this app can download YouTube videos. Apart from YouTube it can download videos from other services. It also support video searching facilities. You can search videos directly using this app. No need of any other third party app. Search what you want and download. Services supported are

  1. DailyMotion
  2. YouKu
  3. Vimeo
  4. FaceBook
  5. MetaCafe
  6. Google
  7. Naver
  8. Daum
  9. LeTv
  10. YouTube

Tubemate downlad services

Download videos by selecting video quality:

Not just click and download. You can download videos using your preferred video quality. This features is very useful. Because if you have low memory space or low internet data you can download video using low quality format (like 3gp). If you are in free wifi zone you can go for high quality like Full HD. Support wide range of video resolutions. Select them as you wish.

Tubemate download resolution options

You can download multiple files simultaneously. No need to wait till download completes. Till video download complete you can search videos or play another video too. You can have your own video playlist. Your all downloads are in separate folder. So you can view your all downloads using this app.

Built in Player

This is not just a player. You can use your own video or audio player. There is an specialty. You can play videos before downloading. In precisely playing videos using selected resolution level if video quality is satisfactory you can download it. No need to download whole  video to see it's quality you can play is using preferred video resolution. You can use that player for listening to audio instead of playing video.

Tubemate3 buit in player

Convert videos to Audio (mp3):

If you want only the audio not the video you can directly download audio without the video. No need of third party application to convert videos to mp3.

TubeMate audio formats

Switch between desktop version and mobile version:

If you like desktop version of the YouTube you can switch to desktop version and vise versa.

TubeMate desktop view of youTube



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