Bulk Downloader for Android – Droidadmin apk

When you want to setup your Nvidia Shield or any Android device you have to install all your favorite android apps one by one by searching the internet. If you have favorite songs, wallpaper collection, then it will be so hard.

Droidadmin is for such tasks. As you know Google Play store does not have have the all the apps you love. Searching apps or entering URLs on some Android devices like Android TVs, Nvidia Shield is not a easy task. What is entering a code instead of large number of urls to get apps or files you want.

All you have to do is upload files you want for example Android apps to a cloud storage and create a code using droidadmin dashboard. Once you create droidadmin code you all you have to do is install droidadmin app. Once you install droidadmin app enter codes to download apps you lilke.



You can create your own Appstore or wallpaper collection or any collection you like and make it public with just using a single code. Download droidadmin for free and enjoy.

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