Cameringo Lite. Filters Camera

Cameringo Lite is an Android camera app with a range of real-time filters and effects like fish eye. Offering over 300 customizable live filters, FAUX HDR tone mapping, Little Planet photos, and emulated classic camera effects. You can download this camera app from play store and enjoy creating fish eye or little planet photos without using fish eye lenses.

Cameringo Lite

Features of Cameringo Lite Apk

Real-Time Filters

This Android camera app has over 300 customizable live filters that can add to your photos in real-time. You will find lomo and vintage effects, fisheye, wide angle and more to suit every mood and subject.

FAUX HDR Tone Mapping Filters

For fans of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, Cameringo Lite’s FAUX HDR tone mapping filters produce stunning images with enhanced dynamic range and striking details. Experience the beauty of images that are both vibrant and realistic, showcasing the full brilliance of your scenes. Whether you’re capturing vibrant landscapes, the FAUX HDR filters elevate your photography to the next level.

Little Planet Photos

Transform your surroundings into miniature planets, transporting your viewers to an enchanting visual universe. The dedicated Little Planet mode provides a seamless experience, allowing you to craft unique and mesmerizing visuals effortlessly.

Emulated Effects of Classic Cameras

Lomography and hipster photography enthusiasts will delight in Cameringo Lite’s emulated effects of classic cameras, paying tribute to the timeless charm of analog photography. Discover the allure of 16mm and super-8 styles that are effortlessly accessible through the app’s filter packs. Whether you’re a vintage aficionado or simply seeking a touch of retro flair, Cameringo Lite has the perfect filters to match your creative vision.

Video Recording with Live Filters

Take your videography to new heights with Cameringo Lite’s video recording feature that supports live filters. Capture stunning videos with slow and fast motion effects, pause and resume recording, and even draw in real-time while recording. The app’s video capabilities provide endless possibilities for cinematic storytelling, making every moment truly memorable.

GIF Recorder

Unleash your sense of fun and humor with Cameringo Lite’s GIF recorder, which allows you to create funny animations using a variety of filters. Change the recording speed to produce captivating and entertaining GIFs or experiment with the reverse mode for even more playful effects. The GIF recorder adds a touch of whimsy to your photography journey.

DSLR-Like Advanced Features

Cameringo Lite offers advanced features that even DSLR camera owners will envy. Modify image exposure, contrast, brightness, and more in real-time to achieve truly unique creations. With this level of control over your filters, you can tailor each image to match your artistic vision, making every shot one-of-a-kind.

Install Cameringo lite apk

This is a free Android camera app. You can use google play store to install this app for free. Open Play store application and go to search. Then type “Cameringo lite”. You will see this application appear on search results while typing. Select and install.

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