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Tubemate app for Android is developed by Devian studio. This app is the best app available among it’s category to download online videos specially YouTube videos. Now it has the nice cool interface. You can easily download online videos with tubemate app.

Download Tubemate App

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Download tubemate app

Features of Tubemate app

Here only few and major features are described. To witness those features download the app from link provided at the top of this article.

#1 – Download videos from internet

You can download videos from internet even though there is no download button for that video. For example when you play YouTube or Facebook video you can’t download that video to your Android phone. With this app you can download those videos for free. Fast and secure download from secure severs to your Android Phone. Below listed some of the major video sites that you can download videos.


#2 – Download HD videos

Downloading videos just not limited to just download. You can download videos using selected resolution options. You can download HD or full HD videos for free. If you like high quality videos you can select high quality resolution option to download. If you prefer low quality videos you can go for low resolution option like 3gp. It is very useful if your are not in free WiFi zone in order to save your internet data. Number of resolution options will be differ according to your Android device with the application compatibility.

#3 – Play before download

Sometime you may confuse with the resolution options. I mean you can’t select which resolution option best suits to download. Don’t worry you can select the resolution option you want and you can play it using the in-built video player. You can use that video player to play videos using selected quality like HD.

#4 – Convert video to mp3 or audio.

YouTube has songs you love. If you like to hear it you have to convert download video to mp3 or audio. With app no more burdens. You can directly download selected video as mp3. You can save internet data used to download video and save time wasted on converting that video to audio.

#5 – Multiple tab browsing.

You can browse videos using tabs. Just like browsing internet using Google Chrome browser. For example you can search videos on facebook and YouTube at the same time. No need to close one to open another.

#6- Multiple Downloads

If you want to download multiple videos you can do that easily with this app. As you know in some apps you have to wait till one download completes to start another. With tubemate app you can download multiple videos at once without any problem.

#7 – Bookmark management.

You can manage bookmarks. You can bookmar videos you likie and can download it later when you have free WiFi.

#8 – All downloads in one place

All download videos are at one place. Does not need to find download videos. This app organize all your downloaded videos in to one place.

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