Backup Android To PC for Free

If you want to get a quick and fast backup of you android device to PC using USB cable you can use ADB tool. Why that kind of backup is needed. For example if you want to root your device. Rooting is a critical process. So chance of loosing data is high. It is better to have a backup before rooting. If you had to send phone to repairing center, it is better to have a backup before sending your phone. Because you can’t guarantee that your data will be there after repairing the device.

Some of you may say that cloud backup is good. Yeah is good, In situations like if you loose your phone or change your phone. Because when you do restore from cloud all you may have experience that some the data has lost like apps data, call logs and etc. Because cloud backup is designed to suits all android phones. When you want to change your phone you can easily restore backup from cloud with ease. It will automatically backup all your data to cloud. So you do not need to be worry about the backup. Click here for cloud backup Android Device.

Backup Android Table/Phone

But there are problems with cloud backup options, Because when you do restore you may loos some of the data like app data. Instead you may get fresh installation of the app. It may need internet data as well. What if you want instant or quick complete backup (full clone of the phone) to PC and do critical stuff with phone and if any thing goes wrong restore to get all your loss data.

ADB or Android Debug Bridge from Android inc is complete free tool supported by Windows, Linux and MAC. So you can use with safe. Click here to Backup Android

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